Buzzed Barrel Aged

Our Buzzed coffee range features cherrywood smoked rye whiskey and bourbon barrel aged coffee beans from a farm in Papua New Guinea. By combining the flavors of these exquisite drinks and the supreme flavor of coffee, we get an amazingly complex combination of aromas. Our Buzzed coffee range is absolutely perfect for those of you who appreciate coffee with strong flavors and don’t mind a bit of bourbon or rye whiskey in their coffee.
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Rye Peak Hustle Buzzed + Highly Caffeinated - C...

It is not a secret…If you use the best ingredients, then you can have a tremendous outcome. Doing...

It is not a secret…If you use the best ingredients, then you can have a tremendous outcome. Doing Work Coffee paired an annual release Cherrywood Smoked Rye Whiskey barrel from Sonoma Distilling Co with the same top notch Colombian coffee we have been using and aged (not infused) the green beans for 5 months until they turned slightly purple. Rye is a bit polarizing and honestly I don't drink it, but we sure do cook with it and believe it is the best whiskey expression for that and know that ...


Cherrywood Smoked Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged

Rye whiskey is the loud cousin we all have. The cherrywood smoked rye barrel used comes from a gr...

Rye whiskey is the loud cousin we all have. The cherrywood smoked rye barrel used comes from a great bay area distiller and when paired with our single origin estate Papua New Guinea beans you get a powerful cup, no matter how you prep. This rye forward matchup starts off assertive before the taste of the coffee starts to break through. The transformation that takes place in a cup of this buzzed coffee is an experience you should not wait any longer for.


How Are the Best Barrel Aged Coffee Beans Made

Before the beans are roasted, they are rolled in barrels that were used to age different types of alcohol. These can be barrels from rum, gin, wine, etc. In our case, we use cherrywood smoked rye whiskey and bourbon barrels that we get from a distiller in the great Bay Area. These are the flavors that we think complement the amazing aroma of coffee beans from a farm in Papua New Guinea in the best possible way.

The beans are rolled daily for several weeks (usually for at least two). Beans, before they are roasted, are quite porous. Because of this, they soak up the amazing flavor of smoked rye whiskey or smoked bourbon. And that is how our best barrel aged coffee is produced.

Barrel Aged Coffee Beans Taste Profile

Use your preferred method to brew your cup. The first distinct and straightforward flavor of the cup of coffee is the taste of whiskey or bourbon. When you get past the initial kick of smoked whiskey or bourbon, the taste of the amazing coffee from a sustainable producer in Papua New Guinea (our personal favorite!) becomes clearly noticeable. A cup of barrel aged coffee beans is an experience that you shouldn’t miss.

How I Discovered the Idea of Barrel Aged Coffee Beans

I thought it sounded pretty nutty…maybe a little sacrilegious when I heard about it a few years back mostly because while I do like strong brown liquor, I am a bit of a purist when it comes to coffee though. So, I lumped barrel aged coffee together with flavored coffees.

About six months into roasting coffee inspiration struck when I found Sonoma Distilling Company’s Cherrywood Smoked bourbon at a local store. While prepping dinner that night I made an Old Fashioned, the bourbon shined, so I poured a couple of fingers with a big ice cube. I don’t remember what we had for dessert that night… something chocolate and some of my favorite coffee, a single origin from Papua New Guinea and I thought about how my favorite coffee would be aged in a really interesting bourbon barrel.

This coffee is really a celebration of some of our favorite things...amazing coffee and top-shelf brown liquor. The coffee contains no alcohol, so it is just the beans that get buzzed while you enjoy a top-notch cup of coffee with the flavor notes of some of our favorite drinks. You can still be responsible and head out to start your day with this in your cup or get crazy after work and mix in some booze with your coffee - after all you are an adult and you deserve it!