Single Origin

The truest expression of coffee comes from a single source, not a blend. All the time, labor and love that goes into single origin coffee is unadulterated and comes to you in its purist form. That said not all coffees from a single source meet our exceedingly high standards of providing the best cup. Coffee like any other crop is seasonal and not available year-round and so we have taken the extra time to ensure that the suppliers used not only meet our exceedingly high standards of quality, but include a story of empowerment for indigenous people, women and our environment. We do this for a simple reason…we want to provide you with not only the best cup, but one that helps contribute to improving the livelihoods of the farmers, farm workers, their local communities and environment. To be honest it is a bit self-serving on our end because we want the best raw products from the people doing more than they have to and intend to provide a premium, ethically sourced coffee for years into the future—we do that by raising the people Doing Work up high to promote the changes we will push to see throughout the industry.

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