Social and Environmental Responsibility in the Coffee Production Process

The coffee production process from farm to cup can be an exploitive and wasteful lifecycle, but it does not have to be. The worst aspects of this industry are results of cost-cutting measures including the terrible treatment of workers and endless piles of plastic waste. Doing Work Coffee is committed to being an example in the way we conduct business; from the partners we work with to the farms producing our raw products to the packaging that we use and how we treat our customers.

Responsible Practices in the Coffee Production Process We Support

Currently, we are working with 15 farms across the world that not only provide us with constant supply of top-grade single origin coffee but also adhere to the same sustainable and ethical principles that Doing Work Coffee follows.

Supporting The Environment

The sustainable coffee production practices that we are supporting are centered around environmentally-friendly farm management practices, like using organic fertilizers, conserving water, and using renewable sources of energy. We are also proud of the fact that farmers with whom we cooperate make efforts to conserve the nature around them by planting trees to preserve forests and natural habitats for birds and animals around. It is also quite beneficial to the coffee production process, resulting in a better cup.

Supporting The Communities

As for the socially responsible practices, we admire all the efforts made to provide workers with fair working conditions. Additionally, the farmers are giving back to the communities by investing in the education and healthcare of their workers’ families. And finally, the fact that women and indigenous people get equal work opportunities helped us understand that we have made the correct choice.

Finally, we want to shine the light on the business practices that we do not like or support. Our goal is to show how it should be done and to lead by example. We will not condone coffee production process practices that we do not agree with just to make a little more money off of a pound of coffee…that idea is unthinkable. We will always offer premium products that have been thoughtfully produced along the way in bags that won’t continue to litter the planet after we are gone.

“..things are never as complicated as they seem. It is only our arrogance that prompts us to find unnecessarily complicated answers to simple problems.”

– Dr. Muhammad Yunus