Making the best anything begins with getting the best ingredients possible. In the global coffee trade, there is more diversity than can be adequately put into context and so we source from some of the best coffee farms in the world. Like any other agricultural product, coffee production is seasonal by region which gives an abundance of diversity throughout the year and provides us with the opportunity to honor so many farmers doing work we truly admire.

How We Select Coffee Bean Farms

Without world-class farmers, we could never produce world-class coffee and so Doing Work Coffee will do our best to highlight the growers that we use every time we can because it really is them, it is not us. The coffee farms that we use are all examples of what we would like to see from all coffee producers. We know the best way to drive that change is to elevate growers incorporating practices that we believe in.

Our standards and principles

We are committed to partnerships with growers that do more than simply provide premium coffee beans. We proudly work with women and/or indigenous-owned farms, farms that give back to their community, Fair Trade, Organic, Rain Forest Alliance (RFA), and coffee bean farms using sustainable practices—because they deserve it and we support practices that empower people that are too often unseen. These are coffee farms in Brazil, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and some other countries.

We will absolutely pay more to get coffee beans from farmers doing more to improve the quality of life for the people Doing Work to bring you an amazing cup of coffee. It takes time, effort, and love to produce the coffee beans that we roast, we believe it shows in our finished products.