About Doing Work Coffee - Supreme Coffee for Sale Online

Doing WorkCoffee was founded on owner Daniel’s birthday with a 60 kilo bag of coffee fromhis favorite origin (Papua New Guinea) and a barrel of cherrywood smoked ryewhiskey from Sonoma Distilling Company. The name came from a joke—the owner startedDoing Work Coffee while working two fulltime jobs during the winter whilestarting a new business…when asked what he was doing Daniel would say “I’mdoing work” and, so Doing Work Coffee was born. The goal is to elevate thepeople doing the hard work that makes this endeavor possible. From farm to cupwhat we do is the easiest part and honestly it kind of bothers us that thecoffee roaster is getting the accolades and the farmers aren’t elevated, so wewant to make it clear that they are the artists and we just try to do our bestto honor what they do and who the farmers that we work with are.

With abackground in sales and having studied Global Management with a thesis projectin Cavite, Philippines helping to empower the base of the pyramid throughsustainable farming Daniel envisioned a better way of doing business. We don’tever want to be the biggest or to even own a café…our goal is to serve peoplewho have their own morning coffee ritual and help them make their perfect cup.While you are sipping –we want you to know that you are helping to supportethical farmers from around the world who contribute to their community’ssocial wellbeing while enjoying some of the best coffee available that comes ina bag that is completely compostable.

Doing WorkCoffee will always outwork everyone else!