Organic Single Origin Coffee Beans

The truest expression of coffee comes from single origin coffee beans, not a blend. All the time, labor and love that goes into single origin coffee is unadulterated and comes to you in its purest form. We set exceedingly high standards of providing the best cup, so our single source coffee selection must meet them.

What is single origin coffee?

The simplest answer to this question is that it is coffee sourced from a specific farm. The environment of the location where the coffee is grown has a great influence on the flavor profile. So, organic single origin coffee grown on a farm in Guatemala will taste differently than one grown in Ethiopia.

However, the idea behind single origin coffee beans is much more complex. Besides giving you a high-quality cup of coffee in the morning, the best single origin coffee is grown ethically and sustainably. The notions of transparency and traceability are also very important here. You, as a consumer, will know exactly where and by whom your coffee was produced.

Single Origin Coffee Beans from Doing Work Coffee

Coffee like any other crop is seasonal and not available year-round. So, we have taken the extra time to ensure that our single origin coffee beans suppliers not only meet our exceedingly high standards of quality. We also wanted them to include stories of empowerment for indigenous people, women, and our environment. We do this for a simple reason. Our goal is not only to provide you with the best cup but also to make sure that cup helps contribute to improving the livelihoods of the farmers, farmworkers, their local communities, and the environment. This approach has led to the fact that all of the farms we are currently working with meeting these standards.

To be honest, it is a bit self-serving on our end. We want the best raw products from the people doing more than they have to and intend to provide premium, ethically sourced coffee for years into the future. We do that by raising the people Doing Work up high to promote the changes we will push to see throughout the industry.