Buzzed - Barrel Aged

I am thought it sounded pretty nutty…maybe a little sacrilegious when I heard about it a few years back mostly because while I do like strong brown liquor, I am a bit of a purest when it comes to coffee though and lumped it together with flavored coffees. About six months into roasting coffee inspiration struck when I found Sonoma Distilling Company’s Cherrywood Smoked bourbon at a local store. While prepping dinner that night I made an old fashioned, the bourbon shined, so I poured a couple fingers with a big ice cube. I don’t remember what we had for dessert that night...chocolate, something and some of my favorite coffee, a single origin from Papua New Guinea and I thought about how my favorite coffee would be aged in a really interesting bourbon barrel. This coffee is really a celebration of some of our favorite things...amazing coffee and top shelf brown liquor. The coffee contains no alcohol, so its just the beans that get buzzed while you enjoy a top notch cup of coffee with the flavor notes of some of our favorite drinks. You can still be responsible and head out to start your day with this in your cup or get crazy after work and mix in some booze with your coffee--after all you are an adult and you deserve it!